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Seeing the Miraculous

“This woman couldn’t even sit down at the start of the prayer time.  Now she has no pain!” Rajansha, our translator proclaimed loudly.  I glanced quickly around the cold room wondering if his announcement had disrupted any of the other groups of women dressed in colorful layers, sitting huddled together on the dirty, tattered floor mats praying at the front of the church.

Baptist Church in India

It was our first ladies meeting at the Baptist church in Gaya.  We had been at the small church down the dusty path two afternoons earlier in the week to teach art and music classes to youth, but this was the first time we were holding a meeting specifically for the ladies.  I was excited to see the message Elisa was preparing to give on how valuable the women are.  Having been to India twice before, I shouldn’t have been surprised when every single woman attending pushed their way toward the front of the dimly lit room for prayer after the message.  Each of the girls on our team was prepared to lead discussion and prayer in smaller groups where women could feel safe to share openly.  As the groups were forming, Carolyn and I joined the last remaining group without a leader.  Expecting to pray for women struggling with value since that was what the message was about, I was a bit taken aback when two of the women asked for prayer for physical healing.  “Here goes nothing” I thought quietly to myself.  “A chance to walk out what we as a group have been being challenged on!”

We had just had a powerful worship time as a team the morning before.  God was challenging our faith to see the miraculous happen on this outreach.  More than one of us had Matthew 10 impressed on our hearts during our time alone with God that morning where Jesus told his disciples to go and “heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, and cast out demons”.  We prayed together for God to stir up faith in each of us to be His hands and feet in India.  We finished our team time by singing “God of this City”.  What were the greater things God wanted to do in this city while we were here?  Our expectation continued to grow.

Art Classes

As the women in our small group at the Baptist church started sharing prayer needs with us in Hindi, our translator explained details about each one to us.  Some had come forward for prayer for their families, others for their schooling, and still more for healing.  Carolyn and I laid hands on the women and began praying, asking God to show us specific things to pray out.

I had noticed as we split into groups how slowly the beautiful woman with the brightly colored shawl over her head lowered herself to a pained sitting position on the cold, hard floor.  She appeared young, maybe in her 50s but moved as if she had lived many more years.  We learned that she had become a Christian just in the last three months.  When she began to share, she told us about shooting pain through her whole body that often put her in so much pain that she could hardly move.  At times, it had gotten so bad that she would shake uncontrollably.

We began praying out the things God put on our heart, asking for healing in this woman’s body.  As we finished praying, the woman told us through our translator that she no longer had any pain.  The woman stood up, slowly at first, to see if she would still be pain-free.  As she stood to her feet, a smile grew on her face.  She lowered herself to the ground again, standing more quickly this time.  The third time she stood, still smiling, confirmed to us that God had, in fact, touched her body and healed her.

School in the Leper Colony

“Praise the Lord” she exclaimed over and over in Hindi.  As she walked out of the church that afternoon, God reminded me again of the things our team had had been sharing the morning before.  Lord, continue to stir up our faith for the things You want to do in India!

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  1. Jackie Cunningham 22 January 2011 at 11:36 pm Permalink

    Hallelujah! As the Scriptures say in Psalms 77:13-14…”O God, Your ways are holy. Where is there any other as mighty as you? You are the God of miracles and wonders! You STILL demonstrate Your awesome power!”
    Holding your hands in love and embracing you in arms of prayer for all the Lord wants to do in and through you all,

  2. Dezboard 24 January 2011 at 4:56 pm Permalink

    It’s great to see God move among these humble people.

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