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Beautiful India

Children at Risk DTS - Indian Kids

Every morning at exactly 8:30 a lady walks down our street with a large basket of greens, yelling what we can only guess is an advertisement for her goods.  Although foreign, it does seem familiar.  Every time it reminds me of Paul Allen going up and down the hallways yelling his now famous “Come on everybody.  It’s time for class”.  Little reminders of home are comfortable in a land so different than you are from.

Our first week here was pretty amazing.  We are so blessed, we got to go in the temple where Buddah “found enlightenment”, experienced and prayed over the leper colony (not to mention Carolyn’s awesome act of kindness), and pray for healing for an elderly lady with a slip disk in her back.  Every day here is a new experience.  Today we get to go to the market and I could no be more excited.  The connection of shops that offer you everything is a total assault on the senses and could best be described as a permanent street fair.

Everyday life here can seem so fast when you first arrive.  Driving is an activity that seems plainly insane: an impossible dance through a moving traffic jam; a fast-paced game of chicken, where the biggest car always wins, and the connection of horns makes up the symphony of the streets.  I have found it almost necessary to have my head phones on as a means to calm myself.

No experience in my life thus far could compare with being here in India, except the surprising “dry-cold” temperatures of northern India in the winter time, everything is green.  The sights, the work with God we get to do, the amazing food, and especially the awesome people God has blessed us with.  India is 100% a world all its own, but to me it is a wondrous world full of inspiration and I than God for the blessing of simply being here.

By Dustin Hampton (A DTS Student)

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